Apex Legends Season 7 New Character Seemingly Leaked

Apex Legends

Apex Legends data miners up to their usual tricks have stumbled upon a gold mine of new information pertaining to what could be the battle royale’s next character.

As revealed by prolific leaker Biast12 over on Twitter, a series of clips that are several seconds long begin by depicting a strange device being attended to by an individual off screen. While only a disembodied hand is seen initially, the footage eventually cuts to show a person whose name, according to Biast, is noted in the files as Horizon. While the authenticity of the vignettes in question certainly isn’t up for debate, what they don’t prove is whether this mystery newcomer is going to be a playable hero or just part of a bigger reveal intended as a lead in to Season 7’s roster addition.

Thankfully, however, neither of those questions have been left unanswered. A number of images and other assets, including a character select screen icon and badge, have been discovered alongside the aforementioned videos, pretty much confirming that Horizon is, in fact, intended to be playable at some point in the future.

Exciting, no doubt, but it’s worth noting that the above doesn’t necessarily mean Horizon is next in line to join the Apex Games. We’ve seen in the past, of course, that Respawn is the master of misdirection, so fans could very well have another Forge situation on their hands. Likewise, it’s also possible that Horizon, while an authentic character, could be intended to arrive in a future season beyond 7, though that seems unlikely considering how far along in development she appears to be.

Whatever the outcome, you can no doubt expect to learn more about the Apex Legends‘ final seasonal update of 2020 as we move closer to November, so stay tuned.