Apex Legends Season 7 Patch Adding Two Features Fans Have Been Begging For

Apex Legends

In case you missed it: Respawn recently announced a brand new event for Apex Legends. Fight Night Collection goes live in-game tomorrow, January 5th, and promises to introduce the usual bevy of cosmetic items and limited-time gameplay opportunities. Two so-called town takeovers – one of which sees Pathfinder install a spectacular boxing ring where only fisticuffs are allowed – are on the cards to spice up life in Olympus, but that’s not all.

2021 in the battle royale kicks off not just with heaps of playable content but several sought after quality of life improvements, too, including one that fans have essentially been begging for ever since launch back in 2019. As confirmed by the developer last month over on social media, the long-awaited “Mark All as Seen” button will finally be present on Apex‘s main menu screen from the arrival Fight Night onwards, no doubt representing a late Christmas gift for users with the compulsive need to get rid of all flashing red dots notifying them of new unlocks.

Complimenting the above is a key change being made to Ultimate Accelerants allowing them to be used without fiddling with inventory interfaces. Assuming your character’s Ultimate ability isn’t currently available when wanting to use one of the powerful consumables, the simple press of a hotkey (or controller inputs) will activate the device automatically. It’s worth noting, of course, that the 7-second use time and movement restrictions remain in place, though we certainly wouldn’t be surprised to learn of exploits as soon as the patch goes live.

That about wraps up all the important bullet points for this particular post, but folks interested in learning more about future Apex Legends updates can do so over here.