Apex Legends Season 8 Leak Reveals Anniversary Event And A Ton Of New Cosmetics

Apex Legends

Apex Legends players on the hunt for some neat looking gear to chase are in luck.

As of yesterday, the battle royale has welcomed an all-new event in the form of Fight Night Collection to the metropolitan utopia that is Olympus. As the name would suggest, this occasion is all about ranking up and earning Apex Crates in search of snazzy wardrobe additions for every player’s favorite character. Collect all 24 outfits and weapon skins, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a coveted Heirloom item. This time around, it’s the burly defender Gibraltar who gets an upgrade to his personal close quarters weapon, though it’s worth noting, as always, that this is purely an aesthetic improvement rather than mechanical – all Heirloom function identically to their standard counterparts.

You’ve got two weeks to make the most of everything Fight Night has to offer until it returns to a dormant state later this month but worry not, data miners have already sussed out what’s next to replace it. Check out some neat costumes scheduled to arrive alongside Season 8’s anniversary event down below.

As well as all the above, prolific leaker Shrugtal also reveals that Respawn will be doing something a little different with Heirlooms for this particular outing. Instead of requiring players to unlock all limited-time cosmetics in order to get their hands on one, the unannounced festivities will award participants with fragments which, when enough have been collected, can be traded for any existing trinket of their choice. Neat.

And that’s a wrap! While you wait for more details to emerge, be sure to check out the patch notes for Apex Legends‘ latest update over here.