Apex Legends September Soiree Event Suspended Over Game-Breaking Bug

Apex Legends

The latest event to reach the shores of World’s Edge hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. September Soiree, a rejigged version of the Grand Soiree held earlier this year, went live for Apex Legends yesterday evening, though sadly, players were only able to engage in the festivities for a meagre few hours before Respawn decided to pull the plug. Addressing the abrupt move over on Twitter, the developer said it would be “hitting pause on the party” following the discovery of a serious bug resulting in reoccurring server crashes.

The issue, it’s explained, is caused by players AFK’ing in the character select screen. Should someone have failed or refused to choose a Legend to enter the match with, the server would subsequently crash and prevent anyone from joining the match. It’s not entirely clear whether this unexpected behaviour was a guaranteed outcome if the prerequisites were met, but it was clearly frequent enough to prompt Respawn into taking swift action.

It goes without saying, of course, that some unsavoury types with knowledge of the bug and nothing better to do with their time could intentionally prevent genuine fans from entering a match, so it’s assuredly best for all involved that the event is taken offline until a fix can be found. When that will be is anyone’s guess, though, as the original announcement 11 hours ago remains the most recent update on social media.

September Soiree’s eventual return to Apex Legends is simply a waiting game at this point, then, though if you missed the original event back in January, be sure to check out our coverage of the various limited-time modes and other temporary content included over here.