Apex Legends Grand Soirée Event Adds Seven New Modes And Tons Of New Skins


Respawn is about to kick off Apex Legends‘ most ambitious event yet.

For two weeks starting January 14th, players will be cordially invited to participate in the battle royale’s Grand Soirée extravaganza, a content-packed ceremony filled with an eye-watering number of new cosmetics to earn. Emphasis on earn, too, as this time around, the developer is enabling the majority of this particular occasion’s loot to be earned directly through gameplay. As always, character and weapon skins – all of which have a neat Art Deco aesthetic – form the bulk of what’s on offer, but fans can also expect the usual gamut of custom banners, stat trackers and the like.

Many of these, the studio has revealed, will be obtained by ranking up in a new reward track system that progresses via completion of daily Soirée-themed challenges. Check it out below:

As for the new event modes (yes, plural) themselves, an impressive seven in total will be available throughout the two-week duration, with each sticking around for two days before being rotated out for another. The full list – in order of arrival – is as follows.

  • Gold Rush Duos – Jan 14-15
  • LIVE.DIE.LIVE – Jan 16-17
  • Third-Person Mode – Jan 18-19
  • Always Be Closing – Jan 20-21
  • Armed and Dangerous on World’s Edge – Jan 22-23
  • King’s Canyon After Dark – Jan 24-25
  • DUMMIEs Big Day – Jan 26-28

For those worried about not being able to unlock every new item on offer before Grand Soirée departs, a special bonus scoring weekend (Jan 17-20) will give access to a set of event-specific challenges worth more points than standard tasks. And it’s worth noting, too, that while many of the wardrobe additions headed your way next week will be earnable through play, a small collection will be available for direct purchase via Apex‘s in-game store. This restock will include a “mix of legendary skins, as well as other Art Deco-inspired cosmetics,” says Respawn, all of which will cost $5.

And that’s your lot. For a more in-depth preview of Apex Legends‘ biggest event yet, check out the trailer above. See you in World’s Edge!

Source: Apex Legends