Apex Legends Is Teasing An In-Game Reveal For Crypto

Apex Legends

Something strange is afoot in Kings Canyon, it seems.

Apex Legends players going about their usual business in-game yesterday started noticing a suspicious change in scheduled programming for the various TV screens littered about its playspace. Replacing the usual video feed of each is an enigmatic loading bar adorned with what appears to be a string of code reading BNR-OS KEY DECRYPT. What, if any, significance that text has for the ongoing event isn’t clear, though it’s clear as day who’s behind the apparent hack.

First teased at the beginning of Season 2, computer hacker Crypto is largely expected to make his official debut as part of Season 3’s launch in a few weeks, with leaks suggesting that he’ll play a pure support role for teammates. As for how that projected ETA ties in with events currently unfolding in-game is anyone’s guess, however, and fans are still working hard to estimate when the hack will reach 100% progress.

As per several Reddit threads providing constant updates on the hack’s progress, completion currently stands at approximately 47% and appears to be increasing by roughly 1% per hour. If accurate, the big reveal should occur on September 14th. There is, of course, every chance that what Respawn’s teasing is a masterclass in misdirection and has no connection to Crypto whatsoever, but what are the alternatives?

With Apex Legends‘ current Voidwalker event not due to conclude until early next week, there’s a possibility that some form of expansion to Wraith’s story could be on the cards. Were that the case, though, I imagine an army of data miners would already have discovered such content and shouted about it on social media.

No, this is undoubtedly a lead-in to Crypto’s eventual arrival and a Season 3 reveal, though at this rate, Respawn will have no surprises to show if it doesn’t pick up the pace. Stay tuned for further developments.