Big Apex Legends Season 3 Leak Reveals New Challenges And Cosmetics


The time has almost come for Apex Legends fans to wave Season 2 a fond farewell.

Thanks to earlier leaks, we’ve known for a while now that Season 3’s launch is planned for sometime in October but little else besides that – until today, that is. Thanks to the latest efforts of reputable Apex data miner That1MiningGuy, a wealth of new information regarding Battle Charge‘s successor has emerged, including none other than the official name, Fire and Ice.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but could the sub-header be our first indication of a new biome being added to Kings Canyon? A handful of modest geographical changes aside, Apex Legends‘ only map has remained relatively unchanged since launch and introducing some sort of primordial, elemental landscape to its current border would be a fantastic step towards refreshing the current sandbox. A great deal of potential in just those three words, for sure, but what else is on the cards for Season 3?

Check out the image below, courtesy of That1MiningGuy’s latest efforts:

Exclusive new costumes for characters Octane and Caustic, as well as several new weapon skins, are mentioned in the well-hidden files. Labelled to receive legendary paint jobs are the R301, Spitfire and Alternator, which will likely be unlocked via Season 3’s refreshed Battle Pass. And speaking of which, a so-called Battle Pass bundle appears to be in the works and includes two exclusive skins, one for the Spitfire; the other for an unnamed character.

That about wraps up That1MiningGuy’s current findings detailing Apex Legends‘ future, but I have no doubt that there’s much more to come. What with Respawn’s current pattern of releasing one new playable hero each season, the absence of any new details concerning leaked character Crypto is strange, to say the least, though we already have a pretty good idea of how the hero will play when he finally makes his debut. See here for all the details.