Here’s When Apex Legends Season 3 Is Expected To Start

Apex Legends Wattson

Apex Legends is well on its way to enjoying continued success as we head into the latter half of 2019 but that hasn’t always been the case.

No sooner had Respawn’s battle royale experienced an explosive burst of initial popularity had the shooter started hemorrhaging players due to several glaring issues. Bugs, performance quirks, a dreadful lack of content and persistent cheaters (that last one is still a problem, by the way) looked all but set to collectively kill off the newcomer before it even had a chance of establishing a foothold.

Fast-forward six months, however, and the situation couldn’t be more different. The arrival of Season 2: Battle Charge earlier this summer is largely considered to be the primary cause of Apex Legends‘ much-needed course correction and fans are already eager to discover what lies ahead. We are, of course, still a ways away from the onset of Season 3 and the platter of all-new content to follow but when, exactly, should we expect the transition to occur? Well, Respawn’s original roadmap could well hold the answers you seek.

As shown above, Season 2 had originally been slated to begin in June. For whatever reason (extra polish, most likely), that date was pushed back to the first week of July and likely had a knock-on effect for the remainder of the year. That being the case, September is unlikely to still be when Respawn plans to push Season 3 out the door, making October the next logical choice. That’s far from confirmed, mind you, but several leaks discovered over the last few days certainly support such suspicions.

References to an invasion of gargantuan arachnids, as well as a batch of leaked cosmetics that wouldn’t look out of place at a Halloween party, point to something spooky on the horizon and what better month to celebrate the macabre than October?

We’ll ultimately have to wait and see what the future brings to Kings Canyon but for now, Apex Legends certainly appears to have a bright future ahead of it. Stay tuned.