New Apex Legends Update Adds Auto Sprint, Nerfs Wattson And More

Apex Legends Wattson

The latest event for Apex Legends is now live for all players.

Respawn’s limited-time Voidwalker is scheduled to run for a full two weeks and injects several new gameplay elements into the mix. Changes to Kings Canyon, as well as a brand new LTM, Armed and Dangerous, provide plenty of adventure between them and boast a wealth of new rewards to boot. You can head over here for a full breakdown of what’s on offer during the period, as we’ve got the small (or massive, if you’re a Wattson main) matter of some nerfs and quality of life adjustments to discuss.

Let’s kick things off with the changes made to Apex Legends‘ newest playable character, shall we?

Due to her reduced size in relation to other heroes, Respawn has decided to make a small tweak to Wattson that should hopefully make dealing with her smaller stature less of an issue. From now, the Static Defender will take an increased 5% damage across the board from all sources. A small tweak, no doubt, but hopefully still big enough to prevent her from overtaking the meta. In addition to the above, the number of active Interceptor Pylons Wattson can deploy at any given time has been reduced to 1.

Moving on from character revisions, a small but sweet number of gameplay options have been introduced to make each session that little bit smoother. For starters, players can now opt-in for sprint movement to be the default speed in-game, as well as disable weapon auto switching when ammo runs dry. Last but not least, SMGs have received a key refinement. As per the patch notes:

SMG weapons are no longer compatible with the 3x HCOG and 2x-4x variable ACOG scopes. Note from design: Our goal with this change is to better define weapon archetypes and improve the looting experience so that players aren’t accidentally picking up a long range site for a close range weapon that they have to manually remove.

Hard to argue with that reasoning. As for the corrections made to Wattson, however, I imagine there are a few disgruntled Apex Legends players out there lamenting Respawn’s decision to swing the nerf bat. As such, let us know what you think of the changes via the comments below!