New Apex Legends Update Adjusts Hitboxes For Several Characters


Ever since Apex Legends made its debut on consoles and PCs early last month, fans have been wondering when the first season proper would get underway. Well, wonder no longer, because Season 1 – titled Wild Frontier – finally launched yesterday. As you surely know by now, the Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Coins (or $10 in actual money) and brings with it 100 levels through which you can progress and earn cosmetic rewards.

Of course, there’s also the Bundle edition of the Battle Pass which skips the first 25 levels and gives you the first 25 items right away. That’ll cost you 2,800 Apex Coins (or $30). Lastly, there’s a free version as well, which comes with just a new character skin, five Apex packs and 18 skill trackers. But beyond all the added goodies, Respawn’s made a number of in-game adjustments as well, including modifying the hitboxes of a few characters.

According to the patch notes, the hitboxes for Gibraltar, Caustic and Pathfinder have all been adjusted “to better align with their shapes.” No further information was given on the changes made, but the developer has promised in the past that they’ll be keeping an eye on the hitboxes and will continue to tweak them as need be.

While it’s nice to see Respawn taking note of player feedback and making these types of adjustments, we can’t avoid addressing the elephant in the room. Of course, we’re talking about the fact that so far, the Battle Pass hasn’t been received too well, with many finding it to be quite underwhelming. It’s a fair complaint all things considered, but Respawn Entertainment has already given us some justification for the modest batch of content included in Wild Frontier, stating that:

We’ve tried to create a battle pass where first-time spenders can get a strong base of weapon and character cosmetics to fill out their initial collection at a deep discount. In addition, we’ve included our first ever three-stage evolving Legendary Havoc weapon skin (for veterans who are looking for the new hotness), as well as Epic and Legendary Apex Packs. These rewards are all in addition the 1000 Apex Coins you can earn through the battle pass, which you can put towards unlocking the next battle pass.

Will that be strong enough reasoning for those who are still on the fence about Apex Legends‘ first Battle Pass? We’ll have to wait and see, but even if you decide against buying it, know that you can still get your hands on new character Octane, as the brand new Legend is available as a standalone purchase.

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