Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning To Predator Franchise For New Video Game

No, your eyes don’t deceive you – Arnold Schwarzenegger is making his return to the Predator franchise. Well sort of, anyway.

Following the release of box office flop The Predator back in 2018 (for which Arnie turned down an offer to appear), it’s unlikely that 20th Century Fox will be revisiting the franchise anytime soon on the big screen, but video games? Well, according to Schwarzenegger, there’s one in development right now and the action star is even lending his iconic voice to the project.

Revealing the news during Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio earlier this month, he said:

The other day Predator came on, and I said to my girlfriend, “Let’s watch the beginning.” And we ended up watching the whole thing because it still held up today. Other movies don’t hold up, but movies like Predator and the first Terminator really hold up, and it was really fun to watch. Interesting enough, a week later I was asked to do some voice-over for a video game that is coming out about Predator. So it was great that I watched it to get back in that mood again to do the voice-over.

Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger makes no mention of the character he’ll be playing or, for that matter, any specific details about the game in question.

Currently, just one title based on the franchise, Predator: Hunting Grounds, is confirmed to be in development and scheduled for release next month. That being the case – and with voice recordings usually taking place close to the end of the development cycle – it’s likely that Hunting Grounds is the project being referred to, though that’s definitely not confirmed as of yet. As for the role he’ll be voicing, the obvious answer is that of Major Dutch from the original 1987 film, but we can’t say for certain.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is out April 24th for PlayStation 4 and PC. For all the latest details, including gameplay trailers, see here.