Atlus Officially Pushes Persona 5 Into 2016


Remember a time when Atlus was adamant that Persona 5 would release across both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in 2015? Well, we have some bad news.

In tandem with the showing at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2015, the Japanese publisher noted that the anticipated RPG sequel wouldn’t be gracing its native territory until 2016 – still no word on when the title will make its way west – though an ultra-stylish new trailer for Persona 5 helps cushion the blow.

Embedded above, the trailer may feature a Japanese voiceover, but it still serves up a revealing look at the cinematic cutscenes, revised combat system and even the ability to jump through paintings in a way that would make Mario proud. There’s an abundance of shadows to lock horns with, however, with the sizzle reel teasing some of the personas that players will call upon when they do battle. Retaining the same eccentric style for which the Shin Megami Tensei franchise is known for, Persona 5 has quickly jumped to the top of our most-wanted list for next year.

Originally tethered with a “winter 2015” release across all territories, Atlus had long been confident of hitting its original window, though TGS 2015 has effectively dashed any lingering hope that we’ll be paying a visit to the developer’s ultra-stylish RPG before the year’s end.

In the wake of today’s confirmation, Persona 5 will now release across Japanese PlayStation 4s and PlayStation 3s in 2016, with a western launch expected shortly thereafter.

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