Atlus Reiterates Persona 5’s 2015 Release Date, Partially Localized Trailer Unveiled


Atlus may have been conspicuously absent from Sony’s press conference yesterday evening, but there’s still plenty of excitement swirling around one of the publisher’s most anticipated titles, Persona 5. In order to trumpet the sequel’s 2015 release date, Atlus released a partially localized version of the original gameplay trailer over on YouTube.

Now, you may be wondering why exactly the company would re-reveal the admittedly slick sizzle reel during the busiest week in video games, though there is evidence to suggest that Atlus is slowly engineering hype for a major Persona 5-related announcement, which is likely the JRPG’s official release date. Beyond a vague late 2015 launch window for both Japan and the Americas, the publisher has remained coy about revealing anything specific hitherto.


AMD and PC Gamer’s imminent PC Gaming Show notwithstanding, all of the major press conferences have concluded for this year’s trade show, meaning that Persona 5 has some breathing space if Atlus really is to lock down an official release date. Whatever the case, we’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

Launching for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Persona 5 appears to revolve around themes of emancipation and imprisonment. One thing’s for sure, however, we can’t wait to be summoning the titular forces of good once more to ensure those devious shadows remain in the dark.

Source: Atlus