The Avengers Project May Take The Form Of An Ultimate Alliance Reboot


Here’s one straight from the rumor cabinet: The Avengers Project, Marvel and Square Enix’s ensemble piece, may take the form of an Ultimate Alliance reboot.

That’s the latest speculative morsel to emerge from 4chan (h/t IGN Germany), which claims that Square’s superhero title revolves around three of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – namely Iron Man, Captain America and Scarlet Witch, whose voices feature in the above teaser – for a gameplay experience that’s been described as a mix between Uncharted and Sucker Punch’s inFamous series. So, third-person open world with a touch of superhuman abilities and a totally original story?

Chances are the Powers That Be will be in attendance at E3 2018 to discuss The Avengers Project, and only then will we know if it’s evolved into Avengers: Ultimate Alliance as this 4chan user alleges:

Cutting to the short of it: ‘The Avengers Project’ is Avengers: Ultimate Alliance. But it’s not just Ultimate Alliance 3, it’s a full reboot with the name on it (think something like the new God of War, minus the story continuity: similar name, totally new gameplay/story structure). That’s the reason why the tagline of the first teaser was ‘Reassemble’, to hint at it being a reboot. This is also why the previous Ultimate Alliance games got [remade] recently for current-gen.

Avengers Ultimate Alliance

As any video game fan will tell you, the days leading up to E3 tend to be a minefield littered with false allegations and conflicting reports – earlier today, for instance, we caught wind of Rocksteady’s next title, and it may well have something to do with Kal-El – so treat this 4chan rumor as just that.

Either way, all will be revealed once Square Enix’s E3 presser kicks off on June 11 at 10 am PDT, and only then will we know the fate of The Avengers Project.

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