Awesome Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg Discovered In God Of War


Both Avengers: Infinity War and God Of War are enjoying huge amounts of success at the moment, and their momentum is gathering significant traction sales-wise. The former is aiming for a staggering $100M-plus at the box-office in its second weekend, and the latter has sold an extraordinary 3.1M in just its first three days on the market. Remarkably, Sony Santa Monica’s PS4 exclusive has only released on a single platform, too, which makes those initial sales figures all the more impressive.

In many ways, God Of War feels a lot like a superhero video game, with Kratos – the titular god – possessing herculean strength and superhuman powers. So, it only makes sense that the Norse action-adventure title would somehow smuggle in a sneaky nod to Joe and Anthony Russo’s herculean crossover, too.

Apparently, once players have completed Sindri’s sidequests, Kratos is rewarded with a special Talisman, dubbed the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages. Much like Infinity War‘s villain Thanos, players must hunt down a set of magical stones to charge up the item. Once the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages has been fully charged, it enables Kratos to fire powerful purple projectiles from his fist. Awesome! 

For those who’d like a detailed walkthrough of how to obtain this powerful Talisman, go ahead and check out this handy guide, and for those who want to read our full written review of the game, click here. Our very own Shaan Joshi concluded that God of War is “nothing short of a masterpiece.”

It’s great to see the biggest thing in gaming at the moment is paying homage to one of the biggest things in Hollywood right now. But what do you think? Are you digging God Of War as much as we are? As always, drop us a comment in the usual spot below.