Awesomenauts Publisher Files For Insolvency; Game’s Release May Be Delayed

UPDATE: Sony’s PlayStation Twitter account has been updated with confirmation that Awesomenauts will indeed launch on PSN tomorrow. Mention is also made regarding the game’s free status for PS+ users. The Xbox LIVE Arcade version is also expected to make its targeted release date.

Due to a financial setback, the colourful Awesomenauts may not end up invading our high-definition video game consoles this week. dtp entertainment, the game’s German publisher, has filed for insolvency. In Europe, that term refers to bankruptcy, meaning that the company will have to look into organizing, liquidating and/or moving its held assets.

Upon hearing this news, IGN reached out to Awesomenauts‘ developer, Ronimo Games. The company has since replied, stating that they’re unsure of how their publisher’s money issues will affect their downloadable title, which was expected to launch this week on both PSN and XBLA.

Source: IGN

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