Batman: Arkham City Will Bear Witness To Harley Quinn’s Revenge At The End Of This Month

Batman: Arkham City fanatics who scoured online marketplaces on April 30, hoping to find the game’s Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC, were left disappointed. Although sites like ours had reported that the paid expansion would be released at the end of last month, our source was incorrect. As it turns out, the crazed psychiatrist will actually bring her interactive issues to the popular superhero game at the end of this month.

As you’ll recall, our source happened to be the Twitter account of a Rocksteady Studios employee. Her incorrect Tweet has been updated, and is now listing two separate release dates for the pack – one for PSN, and the other for the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The former service will receive Harley Quinn’s Revenge on May 29, while the latter one’s users will have to wait until May 30.