New Batman Game Could Be Announced At This Year’s VGA


DC’s iconic crime-fighting Dark Knight could soon be making waves in the video game world yet again, it seems.

Rocksteady Studios’ acclaimed Arkham series wrapped in 2015 with Batman: Arkham Knight, but despite the trilogy being a fitting send-off for Mr. Wayne, fans weren’t quite ready to let go. Keenly aware of the demand for further adventures in Gotham City, publisher Warner Bros. has long been rumored to be hashing out plans for a sequel, with the studio responsible for spinoff Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Montreal, said to be involved in its development.

All unverified hearsay, of course, though recent rumors have reignited speculation in regards to an imminent announcement. Twitter user and reputed leaker Sabi – who has correctly leaked industry secrets in the past – posited earlier this week that the Caped Crusader will indeed return in a new game tentatively titled Arkham Legacy. That name is the very same given to that of a canned project that had been intended to star Damian Wayne and, according to Sabi, will feature multiple playable characters from Wayne’s extended family.

What’s more, they stipulate that a full reveal of Arkham Legacy could come sooner than you’d think.

batman arkham knight

For those unaware, The Video Game Awards is a live-streamed ceremony held every year in Los Angeles primarily celebrating the best of the best games released over the last 12 months. Besides that, though, the show has recently become known for being packed with numerous worldwide reveals and announcements, with last year’s event notably being where Warner Bros. opted to have NetherRealm unveil Mortal Kombat 11.

That being the case, the publisher has already set a precedent for using the VGAs as a platform to reveal its latest projects, and they don’t come much bigger than a new Batman adventure. Should all of the above come true, you’ll want to set the date for this year’s show in your calendar. Roll on December 13th!