Batman: Arkham Legacy Is Reportedly WB’s Next Batman Game


Batman has been taking some time away from video games for a good while, but it looks like the vacation period will soon come to an end for DC’s Dark Knight.

Warner Bros. Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, has been known for some time now, to be working on a new entry in the critically acclaimed franchise, though beyond members of the development team confirming its existence, we’ve heard little in regards to narrative or gameplay. Presumably, the sequel will adopt a similar structure – open-world exploration of Gotham City and its surroundings – to its predecessors, though with original developer Rocksteady having seemingly wrapped the series’ story with Arkham Knight, guessing how the upcoming follow-up will fit into the overarching plot is difficult, to say the least.

As per recent leaks, however, new theories are beginning to form, thanks, not least, to the title’s name having supposedly been outed. Reputable whistleblower Sabi claims to have received confirmation a week ago that the project’s official title will be Batman: Arkham Legacy and that several members of the Caped Crusader’s extended family will be playable.

batman arkham knight

If that subtitle sounds familiar to you, that’s because the very same name had been attached to a now-cancelled sequel that had supposedly been intended to star Batman‘s son Damian Wayne in the title role. A confusing turn of events, for sure, and assuming today’s revelations are accurate, it’s currently unclear whether this project is a reboot of the canned original or an entirely new game that’s simply adopted the Arkham Legacy moniker.

With little else to go on, we’ve no choice but to wait until Warner Bros. decides to make an official announcement. When that will take place is anyone’s guess, but with Sabi stating that they’ve seen screenshots of the game in action, a reveal can’t be too far off. A teaser trailer at this year’s Video Game Awards, perhaps? Fingers crossed.

Source: Twitter