Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Now Available On Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC

Battlefield 1‘s first major add-on – They Shall Not Pass – is now available to download for all Premium Pass holders on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with a standalone release scheduled to arrive in a fortnight’s time on March 28.

First announced last year, They Shall Not Pass introduces a gigantic amount of new content, the headline feature of which is a new playable faction – the French Army. Alongside the arrival of new blood are four new maps, Soissons, Verdun Heights, Rupture and Fort De Vaux, each of which proved to be historic battlegrounds for the French during the Great War.

Two new Operations, the Trench Raider elite class, the Char 2c Behemoth vehicle, four new melee weapons and more still are included in the update, as too is the new Frontlines game mode, which seeks to combine elements from Battlefield 1‘s existing Rush and Conquest modes for a brand new way to play. You can head over here for a more detailed rundown of how a typical game of Frontlines works, or see below for a full list of the new content included in the expansion.

  • 4 new maps with big contrasts
  • 2 new immersive Operations
  • The French Army
  • 1 New elite class – The Trench Raider
  • 1 new Assault Tank
  • 1 new Behemoth – The super-sized tank “Char 2C”
  • 6 new unlockable Primary weapons
  • 4 new melee weapons
  • 1 new game mode – Frontlines
  • A new type of skins in Battlepacks
  • New melee puzzles in Battlepacks
  • Play as party improvements – Party Leader

If you’re not a Premium Pass holder, do note that the update is still likely to affect your gameplay to a rather substantial degree, thanks to a colossal list of tweaks, balance changes and bug fixes DICE has made to the shooter with a free patch. There are far too many notes to list, but the highlights include the addition of a Spectator Mode and a reshuffling of cooldown timers for various bits of kit, including grenades and certain weapons. Find the full list here.

If you’re still hungry for more info, check out the video below, which provides a handy rundown of everything you need to know.

Source: Battlefield