Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass Expansion Includes New Frontlines Mode, Here’s Some Gameplay


Battlefield 1‘s first proper expansion deploys next month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but it’s not just adding the playable French Army faction and a bunch of new maps. No, the already generous add-on will also mark the arrival of a brand new game type called Frontlines, which developer DICE is describing as a mix of the World War I shooter’s existing Rush and Conquest modes.

Moreso than either of the modes that have been combined to make it, Frontlines is primarily one of attrition that sees two teams entrenched in a battle for control of a singular base smack bang in the center of a map. The team that’s first to take control of the objective will be designated the attackers, while the other will have to defend a series of additional bases. This to and fro will progress in a linear fashion until the defending team is pushed back to their final line of defense. Two telegraph posts will be accessible here that can be used to initiate artillery strikes on the attackers, but if both are destroyed, it’s game over.

If a deadlock is reached, the final phase will end when the attacking team runs out of reinforcements, but the match itself won’t end and will instead revert back to the original starting objective for either team to try again. Play only concludes once an attacking team successfully destroys the telegraph posts or the clock reaches zero. Check out the trailer above to see the new mode in action.

Battlefield 1‘s They Shall Not Pass expansion is out in March, but DICE is giving you plenty to do while you wait. Last week marked the arrival of the game’s Winter Update, which, among other things, raised the level cap on all classes and reintroduced the popular Ribbon system from past titles in the series. Read more about it here.