Battlefield 1’s Winter Update Out Today, Includes Level Cap Raise And Ribbon Awards

Following on from its tease last week of a major update for Battlefield 1, DICE has today delivered as such. The World War I shooter’s so-called Winter Update brings with it a handful of much-requested features for players to digest, including an increase to the max level cap on classes. There’s a gargantuan amount of balance changes, bug fixes and tweaks included in the patch, but you can head over to the official site and peruse them for yourselves – we’ll just cover the major talking points.

First up is the return of Ribbons. As has been the case in past iterations of the series, various different ribbons will be awarded during play depending on if certain conditions are met. 20 of them are included in the Winter Update, but DICE says it’s open to suggestions in regards to future batches, so you’re best heading over to the official forums if you think there are any glaring omissions. For now, though, each Ribbon awarded in the post-match will reward 300XP.


You’ll need all of the bonus experience you can get, too, as the level cap for all classes has been raised from 10 to 50. The huge increase isn’t just arbitrary either, for each 10 ranks you rise in any given class, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack and, if you reach 50, “some extra nice Class flair in the kill card to taunt your fallen foes.” Last but certainly not least are Elite Codices. Available for eight different primary weapons, racking up 500 more kills per weapon not only bestows a “shiny Elite Codex” reward but a hefty 25,000 bonus XP.

Battlefield 1‘s Winter Update rolls out today on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, weighing in at around 2 GB. If your interest in the shooter has been waning as of late, now’s the perfect time to get back into the action, by the looks of it, not least because of next month’s They Shall Not Pass expansion.