Battlefield 1’s First DLC Map Is Called Giant’s Shadow, Will Be Free For All Players

DICE has released the first details for a free DLC map coming to Battlefield 1 players in December. Giant’s Shadow, which will be available to download for free, puts players at the forefront of the Battle of the Selle – a battle fought in the “cold autumn of 1918,” between the British and German forces.

Rather than a war of attrition between two sides engaged in trench warfare, Giant’s Shadow takes place in “open country where a massive crashed airship casts its shadow onto the battlefield,” so says the game’s official website.

Like the Sinai Desert map used for Battlefield 1‘s open beta, this particular combat zone will also feature the armored train behemoth vehicle, ensuring that you can always turn the tide if things go south for your team.

With the reveal of Giant’s Shadow, the total number of known Battlefield 1 maps is now six. The St. Quentin Scar, Amiens, Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge and the two aforementioned maps all offer wildly different scenarios for players to battle in, with more to come before release.

Battlefield 1 releases October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In related news, EA confirmed yesterday that the recently concluded beta managed to attract a whopping 13.2 million players, beating out last year’s Star Wars Battlefront to become the company’s most successful ever.

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