The Battlefield 1 Beta Attracted An Eye-Watering 13.2 Million Players

Battlefield 1‘s beta is now officially the most successful in EA’s entire history, the company has announced, with 13.2 million recorded players having jumped in during the period for some First World War action. For comparison, previous record holder Star Ward Battlefront managed 9.5 million players.

Staggeringly, Bungie’s Destiny and Ubisoft’s The Division recorded just 4.6 and 6.4 million players for their respective betas, meaning Battlefield 1 had more than both of them combined. Impressive, to say the least.

That’s not the only interesting beta data EA has provided, however – a handy infographic (below) released over on the game’s official website provides a detailed breakdown of which class was most popular and which vehicle was the most efficient killing machine.

Surprisingly, the Assault class finished first as the most popular role with a 30% majority, despite the beta’s Sinai Desert map not being particularly accommodating for close range combatants. Other statistics include a hefty amount of deaths by road rage – with almost 24 million soldiers having fallen foul of four-wheeled motors – and 13 million by way of Sinai’s armored train behemoth vehicle. Horses came out way on top, however, with a whopping 62.2 million kills recorded on horseback.

Battlefield 1 launches October 21 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Subscribers to EA/Origin access will have the opportunity to play the shooter from October 13.



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