Battlefield Hardline Gets Lawful With Debut Story Trailer


“On the premiere of Hardline.”

Above are the words that kick off Visceral Games’ debut story trailer for Battlefield Hardline, its cops versus robbers (or cops versus criminals, if you will) spinoff from DICE’s ever-popular first-person shooter series.

Giving us our first look at Miami Police Detective Nick Mendoza, this new video foreshadows what is to come when Hardline launches early next year. That is, a bunch of action-packed set pieces and many whizzing bullets being exchanged between the good guys (Mendoza and his partner) and corrupt members of both the police force and the gang it has its sights set on burying. Typical shooter fare, it seems. Then again, what more do we ever expect from the single player campaigns found in Battlefield games?

This particular trailer is of the balls to the wall variety, and looks to have come out of the Michael Bay School of Action. That’s not particularly a bad thing, though, because there’s some potential here, even if that potential has nothing to do with award-worthy content. The most important thing is, and will always be the gameplay, which had better be good if Electronic Arts wishes to get this franchise back into gamers’ good books after the mediocre debacle that was Battlefield 4.

Check out the trailer above and dust off your bulletproof vests in preparation for your recruitment into Battlefield Hardline on March 17, 2015.