How To Beat Doctor Doom In Fortnite And Get The Arcane Gauntlets

doom doctor

The Nexus War has kicked off in Fortnite and players will need to band together in order to survive this potentially devastating conflict. Galactus, Marvel’s world-devouring supervillain, has decided that Apollo Island is to be his next snack and is currently making his way through the cosmos in the never-ending quest to satiate his hunger. Aware of the impending danger, Thor has utilized the Bifrost to beam in several of his fellow superheroes as a last-ditch effort to defend the battle royale from total annihilation.

Galactus, however, isn’t the only threat introduced in Season 4. Apparently enjoying the scenery, Doctor Doom has taken up residence on Apollo Island, transforming Pleasant Park into his own base of operations in the process. Epic Games will no doubt reveal the character’s master plan as the season progresses, but for now, players can infiltrate Doom’s complex and take him on directly. Succeed, and you’ll be rewarded with some extremely powerful loot.

To get started, you’ll want to drop from the Battle Bus at, or as close as you can get, to Pleasant Park. Doctor Doom can be found patrolling the campus’ main building and while it’s certainly possible to walk straight through the front door, a good strategy can mean the difference between victory and defeat. If possible, land on the roof of Doom’s abode and get to breaking down the building’s exterior walls. This will allow you to avoid any unnecessary conflict with Doom’s goons and save your ammo/consumables for the fight ahead.

Once inside, you should be able to spot the Fantastic Four’s sworn enemy milling about on the ground floor and can unload everything you have into his armored hide while doing your best to avoid incoming attacks. Once eliminated, Doom will drop two items – the Mystical Bomgand Arcane Gauntlets. These two priceless relics are incredibly powerful and will give you the edge against any opponent foolish enough to take you on.

As always, it’s worth noting that you’ll be facing stiff competition from other Fortnite players for the lucrative loot, so good luck – you’ll need it.