How To Unlock She-Hulk In Fortnite Season 4


If you’ve picked up the newly-refreshed Battle Pass accompanying Fortnite Season 4, you’ll likely have noticed a number of familiar faces from Marvel’s comic book universe adorning the premium reward track.

Eight skins, including those themed after Wolverine, Groot and Iron Man, to name just a few, are available in total, though, in order to fully realize each superhero’s maximum potential, you’ll first need to complete a series of challenges. In the case of She-Hulk, you’ll initially only be able to play as her human counterpart, Jennifer Walters, and will need to tick off several objectives before the gamma radiation that resides within breaks free to trigger her transformation.

To get started, you’ll first want to make your way over to Retail Row and pay a visit to Walters’ office. Simple as that. Once you’re done looting the surrounding area, your next port of call is Pleasant Park. Here, you’ll need to eliminate three henchmen allied with Doctor Doom which are usually found patrolling the immediate area around the villain’s new abode. Alternatively, you can head inside the main building, though beware that you’ll need to be packing some serious heat if you wish to emerge on the other side alive.

Assuming you’re still alive and kicking at this point, one of three vases (situated in the west, east and southern edges of Apollo Island) filled with radioactive material needs to be smashed. Doing so will unlock the Gamma Overload emote which, when used, will cause Walters to assume her greener, meaner form.

This process can be repeated in subsequent matches to bring about the same transformation, though if you’d rather forego the required legwork, using the aforementioned emote in the pre-match lobby will have the same effect.

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