Fortnite Season 4 Makes A Ton Of Marvel-Themed Map Changes


Clearly aware of the fact that he’s no match for the world-eating Galactus, Thor has decided to employ some help from his fellow superheroes to take on Fortnite‘s latest cosmic threat. Introduced alongside the battle royale’s fourth season earlier today, the Asgardian has chosen to warp the likes of Groot, Iron Man and She-Hulk to Apollo Island to prepare for the fight ahead, but it’s not just people that have been transported through the Bifrost.

Several iconic locations from the vast reservoir that is Marvel’s comic book history have been beamed over, too, most notably being S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier. Players can explore the new Point of Interest as it hovers statically in the sky and it comes adorned with all sorts of vehicles and gadgets ripe for looting, not least an entire squadron of jets. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to stay earthbound, there are plenty of other environmental changes worth making note of on the mainland.

Doctor Doom, for example, has taken to repurposing Pleasant Park into his own evil lair while the Sentinel Graveyard appears to have accompanied Wolverine, Storm and Mystique on their interdimensional travels. As the name suggests, this wasteland is peppered with scrap remains of the mutant-hunting robots and we wouldn’t be surprised if some, let’s say, more active units eventually start showing up in-game.

That about covers all of the major map changes added in Season 4 so far, though fans can do doubt look forward to Epic making further adjustments in the near future. The developer has already promised that additional characters from Marvel’s back catalogue will make the trip to Fortnite over the next few months and we don’t imagine, either, that Galactus will retreat back to the stars without leaving his mark, so expect the unexpected.