How To Beat Heisenberg In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

Of the four lords that Ethan Winters is forced into conflict with during the events of Resident Evil Village, Karl Heisenberg is unquestionably the most charismatic.

Despite first encountering him in the foyer of Castle Dimitrescu no more than an hour after arriving in the titular village, it won’t be until near the campaign’s conclusion that you’ll be facing off against the hammer-wielding villain and not via conventional means, either. Utilizing his affinity for the Cadou parasite implanted in him by Mother Miranda, Heisenberg – like all good Resident Evil antagonists – undergoes a grotesque transformation to take on Ethan, resembling a Frankenstein’s monster composed of various metals.

Thanks to Chris Redfield’s apparent proficiency in engineering, you’ll be fighting this big bad not on foot, but in a makeshift tank kitted out with several weapons. Each of these has a specific purpose and utilizing them properly will be key to victory over the last and most dangerous of Miranda’s failed experiments.

Once you’ve ascended from the depths of Heisenberg’s factory and reemerged in the surrounding wheat fields, the battle will begin immediately. So before you commence the endgame, now’s the time to go over what Chris’ haphazardly put-together creation can do. First and foremost, get well acquainted with the mounted chainsaw. Similar to on-foot combat, tapping the left bumper will cause Ethan to raise the tank’s left arm to defend against any attack.

The machine gun is your primary means of dealing damage and fire should be focused on any of the orange weak points situated in the joints connecting Heisenberg’s central body and limbs. Last but not least is the cannon. Unlike the LMG, this has a sizeable cooldown period between shots and should be saved for when the boss either charges at you or raises several sheets of solid metal to protect itself.

Once enough damage has been dished out, Ethan will be thrown from the tank and need to use his standard-issue weapons to keep chipping away at Heisenberg’s chassis. There’s no weak spot here, so just keep shooting (we’d recommend using Wolfsbane if you have it) to trigger the scripted finale and the ultimate end of Resident Evil Village‘s final lord.