Where To Find The Wolfsbane Magnum In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

As has been the case for every mainline installment, the most powerful weapon in Resident Evil Village (post-story unlocks excluded) is a high-velocity magnum, but this is one rare gun that not even the Duke has been able to locate. Indeed, in order to get your hands on this particularly potent monster-killing machine, a foray into the territory of Salvatore Moreau is necessary.

The third of four Lords that Ethan will encounter during his quest to rescue Rose, Moreau resides in the titular village’s windmill-powered reservoir and it’s here that you’ll find the Crank. Upon defeating Lord #3 and leaving his domain, the key item can be used to access several optional areas around the map, including those housing one of the game’s most valuable treasures as well as the magnum.

Immediately upon disembarking the windmill elevator, head straight ahead for the Mechanical Door point of interest and use the Crank to gain entry. Inside are a few buildings containing resources and a group of enemies needing to be dispatched to reach Moreau’s Lab. The front entrance of this dilapidated abode will be locked, so head around the back and crawl through a hole in the wall. Then, open the chest situated on the table to obtain the Wolfsbane Magnum.

While the name might seem purely gratuitous, it’s worth noting that this hand cannon does bonus damage to any enemy considered a Lycan in Resident Evil Village, but you needn’t take our word for it. After unbolting the lab’s front door, a house-sized beast will attack. Two or three well-placed rounds straight into the creature’s skull will be enough to bring it down, though, yielding some lucrative loot in the process.