How To Complete Dimitrescu’s Necklace Treasure In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

One of Resident Evil Village‘s biggest strengths is how it rewards players for taking time to stray from the critical path. Indeed, similar to the celebrated masterpiece that is Resident Evil 4, this year’s spiritual successor is packed with incredibly valuable loot for Ethan to find and sell to the Duke, some of which increases exponentially in value when they’re combined with other items.

Lady Dimitrescu’s solid gold necklace is a prime example of this and is the only treasure in-game requiring three separate items to complete. Once all pieces are assembled, the gaudy jewelry will fetch a whopping 50,000 Lei, far more than if each component is sold individually. As for how one goes about getting their hands on the goods, well, see the guide below for everything you need to know.

While there’s no strict collection order for this process, the first portion of Alcina’s prized possession you’ll be able to access is the Necklace with Two Holes. This can be found after defeating the castellan and requires the Well Wheel. Head to the abandoned watering hole located near the village church to get this well-hidden heirloom.

Next up is the Pigeon Blood Ruby. After obtaining the Crank in Moreau’s domain, leave via the windmill lift and retrace your steps back to the initial starting area. Tucked behind one of the buildings on the far Western side will be a mechanical door requiring your newly acquired key item to open. Follow the path around and descend onto the rooftop with a small chest. Inside will be the precious gem.

Lastly is the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. Again using the Crank, lower the drawbridge just West of the Giant’s Chalice and use the boat to travel upstream to the moat surrounding Castle Dimitrescu. Interacting with the well here will reveal a ladder leading to an underground cave containing a simple puzzle which, when completed, will yield the final piece of the adornment. Combine all parts in your inventory and then return to the Duke to sell the priceless artifact.

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