Someone Has Beat Resident Evil 4 With 0% Accuracy

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 might be inching ever closer to its 15th birthday but it’s far from a forgotten byline in the series’ history. In fact, Leon’s detour into the rural Spanish countryside to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter from a mob of Plagas-infected locals remains a favourite among many. Speed and challenge runs, in particular, remain popular in their respective communities as an inventive means of keeping Capcom’s classic feeling fresh on repeated playthroughs.

Such achievements range from insanely fast clears of the survival horror’s campaign to the bizarre act of killing one of its many bosses with nothing more than a door, but Reddit user Mankimoney’s latest feat potentially tops them both. In posting an image of the game’s final results screen from a recent playthrough on the social media site, the talented individual has confirmed an absurd triumph.

A clear time of more than 13 hours and 71 total deaths are statistics certainly not worth boasting about, so what’s the big deal? Well, cast your eye over the final accuracy rating of 0%. According to Mankimoney, achieving that fabled figure requires that the player fire not a single round of ammunition from the various guns available to Leon. Any weapon that uses bullets is strictly off-limits, meaning the majority of enemies must be dispatched via the use of a simple combat knife.

However, due to some situations being impassable with just a melee weapon, overcoming a few obstacles required some strategic planning. Fortunately for Mankimoney, grenades, as well as rocket launchers and the Mine Thrower weapon, are classified as explosives and therefore don’t alter accuracy ratings when used. That might make completing such a run sound trivial, but ammo for each is extremely limited in a standard playthrough, meaning proper use of each was key.

Oh, and it probably warrants mentioning, too, that the entire run was performed on Resident Evil 4‘s hardest Professional difficulty. Think you’ve got what it takes to repeat Mankimoney’s achievement? Hit the link below for some helpful tips and tricks on how to mimic their success.