Resident Evil 4’s Chainsaw Guy Boss Has Been Defeated Using Only A Door


Resident Evil 4 doesn’t mess around. Not five minutes after Leon S. Kennedy sets foot in a rustic Spanish village to carry out his mission is the former cop beset upon from all sides by its crazed natives. Rather than simply fly into a murderous rage of their own volition at the sight of outsiders, however, these poor folk have been infested with the Las Plagas parasite, which, if you’ve for some reason never played one of the best games of all time, has some rather detrimental physical and mental effects on the human body.

Fortunately for Leon, one stranger still retains their sanity and delights in handing him all the necessary firepower to confront an army…for the right price. Hand cannons, sniper rifles, SMGs and rocket launchers are all at your disposal to help facilitate the search for poor Ashley, assuming you’ve got a knack for hoarding ammo, of course. If your bullet reserves run dry, what then? You can’t possibly hope to survive against chainsaw-wielding maniacs like Doctor Salvador with an empty chamber, surely?

As it turns out, yes you can. Check out the clip above, courtesy of YouTuber Dante Ravioli:

Rather than resort to the tactic expertly showcased above out of necessity (Leon is wielding a weapon with infinite ammo in the clip), Dante records 14 minutes of himself punting doors into Salvador’s face just for kicks. The tactic, while long-winded, is simple enough in practice, requiring little more than a functioning – and incredibly sturdy, apparently – door. In what’s undoubtedly a missed opportunity on Capcom’s part, there’s no reward to be had for killing the sack-headed lunatic in this manner but then again, I imagine the developer never expected anyone to actually attempt such a feat.

Resident Evil 4 released in 2005 for Nintendo GameCube and has traditionally been considered the best of the bunch. This year’s Resident Evil 2 remake is surely a contender for that crown, however, and who knows what lies ahead for its future?