Magic: The Gathering Leak Reveals Multiple New Mechanics For Kaldheim

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Try as it might to prevent such things from happening, Wizards of the Coast has yet again been forced to look on in dismay as the latest set due to be released for Magic: The Gathering prematurely surfaces online.

Taking place in the realm of the same name, Kaldheim is a frozen world populated not just by prehistoric creatures such as mammoths, but a people whose culture and appearance is heavily influenced by Norse mythology. While we’ve yet to catch a glimpse of anything referencing a certain pantheon ruled over by the almighty Odin, Kaldheim is at the very least home to warriors bearing the likeness of Scandinavian Vikings as well as several Planeswalkers, though the latter, given their nature, aren’t natives. Alongside returning fan favorite Kaya, Magic‘s first non-binary world hopper, Niko Aris, is also due to make their debut as a refugee from Theros.

Accompanying all of the above will be the long-awaited return of Saga Enchantments first debuted in Dominaria as well as new keywords, two of which have just been revealed thanks to fresh leaks. Check them out in the gallery below:

First up is Foretell, which allows players to discard cards they may not necessarily need in the turn they’re drawn and save them for later in a match. Battle Mammoth, for example, can be exiled for 2 mana and then played on any subsequent turns for less than the standard casting cost. Boast, on the other hand, appears to be an ability intended to give cheap cards usually played exclusively in the early game the chance to squeeze out some extra power in the mid-game and later. It’s worth noting that in the case of Dragonkin Berserker, Boast has built-in synergy with dragons, though it remains to be seen if this theme will extend to other colors.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait much longer in order to find out, as Kaldheim arrives February 5th for Magic: The Gathering tabletop and one week earlier for Arena/Online. See here for all previous card reveals.