Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim Leak Reveals New Saga Card

magic the gathering

Magic: The Gathering fans eager to learn more about the card game’s first Standard expansion of 2021 have already been treated to a fine assortment of teasers ahead of its launch in the New Year, though not all of them have come from official outlets.

Indeed, as is usually the case whenever a large set release looms on the horizon, many folks have managed to get their hands on unreleased products ahead of time and have started publishing their contents online at a steady pace. This process doesn’t always come without repercussions, of course, as one unfortunate individual who prematurely revealed cards from Commander Legends earlier this year can surely attest to. As for the source of this unscheduled showcase, though, it comes via Twitter user @Lr5yGk, who claims to have pulled it from a CMR Collector booster, similarly to other leaks to have surfaced over the last few weeks or so.

As confirmed by Wizards of the Coast earlier this month, Kaldheim will mark the return of a special enchantment type – Sagas – with Bloodsky Massacre bringing the current known total to two. And you can check it out for yourself in the gallery below.

Unsurprisingly, the three chapters (abilities which activate automatically each turn in sequential order) present on this potent card are best utilized in aggro-oriented decks and require a Rakdos-oriented (black/red) build. Creatures with the Berserker tag, in particular, will benefit greatly from all three chapters and Bloodsky Massacre’s cheap cost almost certainly ensures that it’ll see play in one form or another.

Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim is scheduled for release on February 5th for tabletop and one week earlier for Arena and Magic Online. See here for all previous reveals.