New PlayStation Sale Offering Up To 75% Off Tons Of Popular Games

Rage 2

If you’re on the hunt for some more discounted PlayStation games, Sony yet again has you covered.

To say the platform holder has been showing its generous side as of late would be an understatement, with hundreds, if not thousands of games, over the last couple of months having received some sort of discount. Granted, many of those titles receiving the biggest price cuts are also the oldest, but as far as video games are concerned, age is no signifier of quality – once a classic, always a classic. That being the case, then, if you missed out on any acclaimed triple-A releases such as Alien: Isolation, Watch Dogs 2 or Dragon Age: Inquisition when they originally released, now’s your chance to get them at a fraction of their usual asking price.

Due to the sheer volume of titles included in this particular sale, we’ve decided against sticking an exhaustive list in this article, though you can nonetheless check out some of the best picks below.

  • Tetris Effect – $19.99
  • Alien: Isolation – $5.99
  • Watch Dogs 2 – $9.99
  • Jurassic World Evolution – $19.99
  • Rage 2 – $17.99
  • Dishonored 2 – $19.99
  • Battlefield 4 – $5.99
  • Far Cry 5 – $14.99
  • Wreckfest – $23.99
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY Edition – $7.99
  • Life is Strange 2 Complete Edition – $15.99
  • Yakuza 6 – $9.99

While we’re still several months away from welcoming the next console generation into our homes, it’s worth noting that PlayStation 5 is expected to offer backwards compatibility with all previous consoles excluding the original PS1, so any purchases you make will likely carry over when the hardware launches later this year. Speaking of which, you can find our handy list of every title so far confirmed for PlayStation 5 by heading over here.

Got some thoughts on next-gen that need sharing or want to let us know about the bargains you’ve taken advantage of? Sound off in the comments below!