BioShock 4 Job Listing Teases A New And Fantastical World

Bioshock The Collection
Image via 2K Games

With next generation consoles set to arrive later this year, it’s an exciting time to be a gamer regardless of which hardware you prefer. We can expect the PlayStation 5 to bring with it Sony’s incredible, award-winning exclusives and exciting new ways to play, thanks to its interesting new controller and game-changing SSD. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X may take a hit from having Halo Infinite delayed, but it will come out swinging with four generations of games and Game Pass, which is arguably the best deal in the industry.

There may be plenty of exciting titles on the horizon, then, but as with any new console launch, most of us know that many of the next generation’s biggest hits won’t see the light of day for many more years. Case in point: the tentatively-titled BioShock 4, which has been confirmed to be in development at Cloud Chamber and is expected to release several years from now.

Of course, this fourth entry will mark the first original appearance of the franchise since 2013’s BioShock Infinite, an intriguing outing that both explained and bookended the story of the first three games while presenting seemingly endless possibilities for the future of the series. So, needless to say, Cloud Chamber is aiming to meet and exceed the expectations set by Infinite‘s ending, and that’s going to require some of the industry’s best talent.

Bioshock The Collection

A recent job listing has hinted that the studio is seeking to move beyond the settings of the original trilogy, Rapture and Columbia, so that they can expand on the universe with unique ideas. The listing, which is calling for a lead environment modeler, states:

We are looking for a Lead Environment Modeler to work side by side with the directors and leads to carry our vision forward. We want you to set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world.

Another recent listing by Cloud Chamber claims that it’s paramount that their new team members have an established love of the series, so it’s clear that the studio is setting the bar high for their artists and programmers in hopes of meeting the hype that will no doubt precede the launch of the upcoming game. Hopefully this dedication to the past will help the fantastical new world feel equally fresh and familiar to fans.

BioShock 4 is expected to skip current generation consoles and will likely launch for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC at some point in the next few years.