BioWare Unable To Reveal Dragon Age: Inquisition’s DLC Release Date For Other Platforms Due To Exclusivity Deal


As we suspected, it appears BioWare has been locked in to an exclusivity agreement with the recently-released Jaws of Hakkon for Dragon Age: Inquisition that prevents the studio from revealing the DLC’s release date for other platforms.

Jaws of Hakkon, which acts as the RPG’s first story-centric RPG, launched across PC and Xbox One on March 24. Though there was nary a mention of a release date for PlayStation platforms, or even Xbox 360. However, the game’s executive producer Mark Darrah has been addressing fan concerns via Twitter, revealing that he is unable to break an embargo on the release date due to a prior arrangement.

If history has taught us anything about DLC exclusivity — other than the fact that they’re a pain in the ass — it’s that the window of time would traditionally stretch for 30 days. Whether the agreement between Microsoft and EA is similar to that between Microsoft and Activision, where DLC bundles for Call of Duty would remain locked on Xbox platforms for 30 days before appearing elsewhere, remains to be seen. 

Jaws of Hakkon is the maiden expansion pack for Dragon Age: Inquisition, bundling together new foes, weapons and quests in the wonderful realm of Thedas. We’ll keep you updated when we learn more of the DLC’s journey to other platforms.