Bizarre Apex Legends Glitch Lets You Make Infinite Wraith Portals


More often than not, rogue bugs and glitches fall into one of two camps. Either they’re responsible for hilarious but otherwise harmless quirks, or they’re the culprit of a near game-breaking exploit that requires an immediate fix. In the case of a particular bug currently affecting Apex Legends, however, this snafu appears to have found some sort of middle ground between humorous and grossly overpowered.

Some fans dedicated to maining the enigmatic Legend Wraith have discovered that, under specific circumstances, her ultimate Dimensional Rift ability can be infinitely cast without the usual cooldown, resulting in the paradoxical madness on display in the video below.

As YouTuber Skeltano explains, reproducing the glitch isn’t at all laborious, involving little more than some precision timing. After casting Dimensional Rift, one need simply activate Wraith’s Into the Void tactical ability and then proceed to jump off any small nearby ledge. If done correctly, Dimensional Rift will instantly come off its usual cooldown period of a few minutes and allow Wraith to open a potentially infinite string of portals.

While it’s a neat little trick for players to try whenever boredom strikes, some folks, unsurprisingly, have found methods in which to abuse the added frequency of Wraith’s portals, prompting more than just a handful of complaint threads to pop up on Reddit requesting Respawn investigate the issue. Puzzlingly, the developer has yet to acknowledge or address the exploit which, if the numerous reports online are any indication, has been present in-game since shortly after its launch back in February.

Strange circumstances, considering Respawn clearly has no qualms with addressing other concerns voiced by the Apex Legends community, but it could just be a simple case of the developer wishing not to draw attention to the exploit until a fix is hammered out. For now, the best course of action, should you encounter a particularly bad abuse of the bug, is to report the player directly through the in-game tools provided.