Upcoming Apex Legends Patch To Address Frame Rate And Hitbox Issues


As an ever-evolving game world inundated with near-weekly updates, Apex Legends, like most battle royale titles, is often times the recipient of some unwanted changes. In most cases, however, such poorly-received additions result from unforeseen bugs in the code, which, fortunately, seems to be the case for the latest round of criticisms that Apex Legends‘ collective player base has sent developer Respawn’s way. As part of its weekly check-in with fans over on Reddit, Respawn has acknowledged two particularly pervasive bugs – affecting frame rate and character hitboxes respectively – to have surfaced recently and provided details on how and when it plans to address each.

First on the agenda to be addressed is frame rate inconsistency. As part of a previous update, Respawn introduced a frame rate cap of 300 for players going beyond the default 144, though the implementation resulted in a bug that capped frames to the latter figure regardless of whether players were running the game uncapped or not. This will be fixed to cap at the intended 300 in next week’s patch, says Respawn.

As for the egregious issue affecting Legend hitboxes, Respawn has investigated and confirmed player suspicions concerning wonky damage registration around the arm and torso regions, confirming that it’s already made several improvements to tackle the problem server side but is continuing to assess the situation. Unlike the aforementioned frame rate issues, however, Respawn stops short of providing a definite time frame of when it expects the issue to be fully resolved, though says players can help expedite the process by sharing their own findings.

More details are surely forthcoming, but in the meantime, we want to hear what your experiences with Apex Legends‘ current technical hiccups have been. Has Season 1: Wild Frontier gone off without a hitch for you, or are the issues prevalent enough to discourage you from hitting the play button? Let us know in the usual place.

Source: Reddit