Bizarre Apex Legends Glitch Randomly Makes Players Go Invisible

Apex Legends Wattson

Credit where it’s due, Apex Legends has managed to avoid headlines for all the wrong reasons recently. Ever since the arrival of Season 2, the battle royale has been experiencing somewhat of a comeback, with the general consensus being that Respawn has knocked it out of the park with the largest update to ever hit Kings Canyon. But (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

As is the case with any constantly evolving video game, the potential for bugs and glitches to worm their way into the sandbox is of higher frequency, to say the least. By and large, Apex has remained relatively free of any major ailments, though it’s certainly far from being granted the all-clear. Humorous hiccups involving homicidal doors and janky Leviathans have so far been the only oddities to emerge in Season 2 and are mostly harmless. Not so for this latest discovery, however.

When Bangalore borrows Mirage’s ult from apexlegends

As it turns out, having to engage in combat with opponents who randomly go invisible isn’t exactly a fun experience. Unlike Mirage’s suite of diversionary abilities allowing him to cloak, this version is clearly an unintentional feature seemingly affecting every hero in-game. Even worse, several players corroborating kevine11’s footage claim that those affected by the bug can often become immune to damage entirely, making eliminating them impossible.

Not an ideal situation to be in, then, but thankfully, Respawn is on the case. In responding to the video evidence, community manager Jayfresh confirms that the development team is aware of its existence and is currently looking into the cause. No release window for the fix is specified, though with a major update intended to introduce a bonafide solo mode to Apex Legends scheduled for next week, the earliest date we’re looking at is August 13th. Fingers crossed.