Apex Legends Players Are Being Insta-Killed By Doors And Death Boxes In Bizarre Glitch


UPDATE: This video’s now been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Seasoned Apex Legends players know all too well the inhospitable nature of Kings Canyon. The walled-off arena at the centre of Respawn’s battle royale is home to an endless 24/7 cycle of warfare between humans (and a robot), all in the name of glorious victory. Surviving against the odds is par for the course in this genre but as of Season 2’s arrival, other players aren’t the only threats out there vying for your blood.

Gargantuan Leviathans are the most obvious hazard, what with their building-sized trotters threatening to make you pancake-shaped, but that’s the least of your concern. Now, inanimate objects want in on the action. As per recent reports on social media and streaming sites, it appears that doors and Death Boxes have started killing players without warning. It’s a humorous oddity, no doubt, but imagine the frustration felt by this poor fella when his teammates are instantly vanquished by a closing door after having just won an intense firefight.

As seen above, both of the player’s squad members are seen attempting to leave their safe haven after being revived, only to be unceremoniously squished in the blink of an eye. For what it’s worth, nobody appears to have discovered a means to replicate the freak occurrence or, for that matter, if it affects every doorway on the map. Either way, as one of the most frequently visited locations in Kings Canyon, The Bunker most certainly is affected by this strange quirk. If the installation is usually your go-to drop zone, it might be worth taking a detour, at least until Respawn acknowledges the issue.

Speaking of which, the developer has yet to add this latest development to its growing list of known bugs, though I imagine it’s only a matter of time until reports of homicidal doors in Apex Legends reaches its eyes and ears. Stay tuned.