Apex Legends Players Discover Major Pathfinder Issue


As any current or former player could tell you, Apex Legends has struggled to find its feet since launch. Despite experiencing an explosion in popularity immediately following release back in February, the battle royale’s Twitch viewership and recurring player numbers have slumped heavily, prompting onlookers to try and discern the root cause. Truth be told, no one single fault is responsible for Apex‘s decline, but a combination of factors that Respawn has slowly attempted to tackle.

Cheating, bug abuse, poorly-received content updates and balance issues are some of the main culprits, the latter of which continues to be a thorn in player and developers’ side alike. Over the last few weeks, Respawn has renewed its focus on boosting the appeal of unpopular characters like Caustic, Gibraltar and Pathfinder, pushing out a series of tweaks to each Legend’s hitboxes as one remedy. For Pathfinder, that appeared to be all the robot needed to nudge him up tier lists, though the former two heavyweights required further tweaking in the form of brand new abilities.

Despite that, however, one player has discovered a glaring issue with Pathfinder’s refreshed hitbox, having subsequently revealed their findings via Reddit.

Pathfinder’s in game model vs hitbox comparison(updated with side view) from apexlegends

Somewhat humorously, Superzaropp notes that Pathfinder’s current hitbox is considerably smaller than his in-game model, meaning bullets that appear to connect with the AI’s metallic frame aren’t actually guaranteed to inflict damage. The aforementioned comic value arises from the issue being a direct contrast to previous complaints that Pathfinder’s hitbox was far larger than his character model.

As the image above details, the issue persists even with Legendary Skins, especially those that add supposedly aesthetic-only attachments to Pathfinder’s default appearance. That being the case, some players are naturally opting to use said premium outfits as a means of evading damage which, obviously, is less than ideal. As of writing, Respawn has yet to acknowledge the oversight, though given the traction Superzaropp’s post has gained, they’ll no doubt be aware of Apex Legends‘ latest problem.

Source: Reddit

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