Blizzard Heralds The Arrival Of Doomfist With Latest Overwatch PTR Update


That’s right, folks, the near-mythical character known as Doomfist is now finally available to play in Overwatch. Introduced as part of Blizzard’s latest update to the shooter’s PTR servers, the long-awaited hero (or villain, in this case) joins the existing roster as an offensive character, meaning the likes of Genji, McCree and Pharah have some fresh competition to watch out for among their ranks.

Having been teased for what feels like an eternity, Doomfist – real name Akande Ogundimu – has already earned himself a fearsome reputation as a powerful individual, having been responsible for various story events in Overwatch‘s extended universe. That includes, but is no means limited to, the attack on Numbani airport that left a gaping big hole in the wall of its pristine establishment. Following that ruckus, Akande vanished, his whereabouts unknown. Well, until today, that is.

Sadly, despite an endless stream of pleas from the game’s fan base and several teasers featuring Terry Crews himself, it appears as if Blizzard has opted not to borrow the burly Hollywood actor’s vocal chords for Doomfist, whose voice you can hear in the animated trailer above.

As for his repertoire of punchy attacks, find a full description of each below, courtesy of the developer’s official announcement.


  • Doomfist fires a short-range burst from the knuckles of his fist. Its ammunition is automatically regenerated over a short time.


  • Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him.


  • Doomfist uppercuts enemies in front of him into the air.


  • After charging up, Doomfist lunges forward and knocks an enemy back, dealing additional damage if they impact a wall.


  • Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.


  • Doomfist leaps into the sky, then crashes to the ground, dealing significant damage.

For those on PC, nothing now stands between you and piloting Overwatch‘s most anticipated new character, but if you’re stuck on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it shouldn’t be too long before Blizzard moves him over to the live game. Previous new arrival Orisa spent but a couple of weeks in testing before she was deemed battle ready, after all.