Terry Crews Has Performed A Mock Audition for Overwatch’s Doomfist


Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expendables star Terry Crews has reiterated his desire to be the voice of a new Overwatch character. A video released last week by Yahoo eSports has the actor performing a mock audition for the character of Doomfist in Blizzard’s shooter, a mysterious individual who has been hinted at several times in the past by means of in-game nods and by trailers released by Blizzard. The origin story trailer released for Sombra last year, for example, had the powerful gauntlet which Doomfist wields on display for all to see.

At this point, we’re honestly wondering why Blizzard hasn’t come forward to make such a partnership official. Judging by Crews’ above performance and comments the actor has made in the past on Reddit AMAs and the like, he clearly has a strong desire to be immortalized in video games by way of voicing a Hero in Overwatch, for which he’s an avid fan.

Of course, considering we know that Crews visited Blizzard HQ last year, the collaboration could have already been and gone, with Blizzard simply not ready to reveal the the role he played due to development still being underway. Whatever the case may be, we’re looking forward to seeing who will take Sombra’s place as Overwatch‘s newest roster addition.

Meanwhile, Overwatch players are currently enjoying the shooter’s Year of the Rooster event that introduces some of the best skins and other cosmetics Blizzard has produced to date. If you’ve yet to dive in and start earning loot boxes, see here for all the details. Be quick, though, the event ends February 13.

Source: VG247