Blizzard Kicks Off New High-End Collectibles Line With Statue Of Overwatch’s Widowmaker


As if Overwatch players hadn’t already committed more money than they care to mention on purchasing loot boxes in Blizzard’s shooter, the developer is today giving fans yet another reason to part with their cash, although this particular item is considerably more expensive than a crate full of alternate skins, sprays and voice lines.

As part of a new endeavor that aims to produce a range of high-end collectibles, including statues, premium artwork and replicas all designed and produced in-house, the company has established Blizzard Collectibles, of which its new Widowmaker statue is a part of. Do note, however, that the new name is more an official labeling of various products that Blizzard designates to be of considerably higher quality than other collectibles, with existing statues of Overwatch‘s Reaper and Tracer being retroactively added to the new product range, as well as others.

“We tend to go all-in when it comes to representing the things we’re passionate about in our work, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with this new line of high-end statues, replicas, and artwork,” said Matthew Beecher, vice president of global consumer products at Blizzard Entertainment, in a press release, adding that “our goal with Blizzard Collectibles is to produce pieces of art that capture the personality of our games, and we’re excited to share these premium items with gamers and collectors worldwide.” More collectibles are promised throughout 2017, although specifics are being held onto until a later date.

As for the Widowmaker statue, it’ll set you back a hefty $150, although considering its size (13.5 inches tall) and the fact that it’s hand painted, the price tag is certainly reasonable. If you’re interested in commemorating your love of Overwatch with the premium piece, you can head over to Blizzard’s official store here to secure your own, although it won’t be ready to ship until later this year.

Tell us, what Overwatch hero would you love to see immortalized in statue form? Reinhardt, Mercy or perhaps even new combatant Orisa? Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Blizzard