WoW Tokens Can Now Be Exchanged Indirectly For Overwatch Loot Boxes


If you counted yourself as a rather dedicated World of Warcraft player prior to having your spare time completely consumed by the first-person behemoth that is Overwatch, you’ll be glad to hear that all of that gold you accumulated over the years can now be put to good use in Blizzard’s other titles. As per a video put out by the developer yesterday, changes to how the MMO’s WoW Token system will now allow players to exchange the currency for balance, which can be used in any games included in the service.

For those unaware of how the system works, WoW Tokens can be purchased directly from Blizzard via World of Warcraft‘s in-game shop, whereupon they can be sold on the Auction House to other players for gold. Those on the other side of the transaction can then redeem the Token for subscription time, a neat method of allowing players to keep their membership rolling without having to spend a dime of real cash.

As of the recent overhaul, however, Tokens can now be redeemed for $15 (or your regional equivalent) of credit, which players are free to use on any Blizzard title they see fit. In effect, if you’re holding onto a gigantic stash of cash in World of Warcraft, you can now convert it into Loot Boxes from Overwatch or go another route entirely and spend it all on card packs in Blizzard’s CCG Hearthstone. We’d personally go with the former, what with all of the new, limited-time skins currently available as part of the shooter’s Year of the Rooster event.

Of course, if you’re not an avid World of Warcraft player, then all of this is relatively moot, but still, it’s a nice alternative for players who have perhaps outgrown or become weary of the aging MMO. For a full rundown of the changes and how they work, you can find Blizzard’s handy FAQ here.

Source: VG247