Hearthstone’s Next Expansion Could Be Called Lost Secrets Of Un’Goro


It may feel like just yesterday that Blizzard released the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion for its popular CCG Hearthstone, but it appears as if the first new set of cards for 2017 may have already been leaked.

As per the always vigilant user base of Reddit (via IGN), a bit of digging around the internet has uncovered the resume of one Lani Minella, a voice actor that has previously lent her vocal chords to cards released in previous sets. The image in question, which you can see below, makes explicit mention of Hearthstone: Lost Secrets of Un’Goro, as well as several potential card names for the unreleased (and unannounced) set.


Given its nature of being based largely on Blizzard’s own World of Warcraft, Un’Goro is the name given to a crater in the MMO that houses an assortment of creatures, including dinosaurs. Assuming the leak is accurate, it looks as if the prehistoric creatures will be making up at least part of the new card set, with Pteradactyl, Anklesaur and Brontosaurus all mentioned as being roles that Minella will – or already has – voiced.

Of course, until Blizzard says otherwise, all of this should be taken with a healthy dose of salt, but the timing of the leak seems to align perfectly with the developer’s plan to release three new card expansions per year. Starting with last years Whispers of the Old Gods and the introduction of Hearthstone‘s Standard format, Blizzard outlined a release structure wherein two card expansions and one single-player Adventure (which also includes new cards, albeit on a much smaller scale) would be released each year. Whispers launched in April 2016, so if Un’Goro is, in fact, the next collection to be coming, expect it to release within the next few months.

Blizzard has yet to comments on the leaks, but we’ll keep an eye out for an official word. Stay tuned.

Source: IGN