Hearthstone’s Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan Expansion Launches December 1


The next expansion for popular competitive card game Hearthstone will release this Thursday, December 1, Blizzard has announced via Twitter. First teased back in October, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan was officially announced at the developer’s annual BlizzCon convention in California and includes 132 newly-minted cards spread across all of the game’s classes, including neutrals that can be used by all.

As has been the case in the past with previous expansions, Mean Streets will introduce a brand new mechanic unique to the set that sees all nine heroes grouped into sets of three, each with its own specific theme. Hunters, Paladins and Warriors have been paired with the Grimy Goons, a street gang that specializes in buffing a player’s hand for increased power. In contrast, Warlocks, Mages and Priests belong to the Kabal, a bunch of wily mages that promote the use one-copy decks. Lastly are the Jade Lotus assassins, who have inducted the Druid, Rogue and Shaman classes into its ranks.

Supporting the new faction structure are ‘tri-class’ cards, neutral minions that can only be played by classes associated with their group, but which benefit all three members. For example, the Kabal Courier can be included in Priest, Mage and Warlock decks and discovers a card from each one. As always, you’ll be able to purchase packs of the new cards with Gold earned in-game or with real money.

For those intending to drop a large amount of dough on Hearthstone‘s latest expansion come Thursday, Blizzard’s offering a bundle of 50 packs for the price of 40 ($49.99) as part of a pre-release promotion, which you can find here.

Source: Eurogamer