Blizzard Appears To Be Teasing Hearthstone’s Next Card Expansion


It appears as if Blizzard has released the first teaser for the next card expansion headed to their popular card game Hearthstone, having posted a rather telling image to its official Twitter page yesterday. The teaser in question, which you can see below, comes in the form of a postcard-themed picture that has the words “Greetings from Gadgetzan” emblazoned across the front, with “it’s as clean as it is safe!” scrawled across the bottom.

If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably due to the fact that a certain card – Gadgetzan Auctioneer – is already available in-game, and makes up part of the Classic set of cards. World of Warcraft fans will undoubtedly recognize it too, as it’s the name of a goblin-populated trading post in the popular MMO that features an auction house and various mechanical monstrosities as landmarks.

If the Tweet is truly alluding to Hearthstone‘s next expansion, Gadgetzan would be the second time Blizzard has visited the goblin theme, with the Goblins vs. Gnomes add-on being the first.

This year has already seen the release of the large scale Whispers of the Old Gods set as well as the more recent One Night In Karazhan, a story adventure that traditionally adds fewer cards but includes single-player content.

Given that Adventures have always been followed by full card expansions, it’s likely that Gadgetzan is just that, but we’ll have to wait for more from Blizzard until we can say for sure. With BlizzCon due to kick off next week though, you can probably expect to hear further updates quite soon.